Understand the Types of Content Nodes

Updated on December 12, 2022

Learn about the types of content notes that can be added to your Virtual Assistant.

There are 9 different types of content nodes that you may add to your Virtual Assistant:

Text: Display content in text.

Version: You may create multiple versions of the content node, and each version can have different content.

Text Variation: You may add different responses to allow the bot to randomly pick a response to return to the end-user and help the bot sound more lively.

Card: Card allows you to add a content node with an image, short description, link, buttons, and quick replies.  You may create multiple cards in a content node to create a card carousel.

Trigger: The bot can direct users through a particular workflow using triggers that are based on certain words or phrases.

Sequential message: To add the next message that will be shown to the end-user, and you may choose to delay the message if necessary.

Duplicate content: This allows you to duplicate the entire content including the cards, buttons and flows you have created in it.

Condition: To create a set of conditions to trigger an appropriate response.

GIF/Image: Add an image to the card.  You will only be able to add quick replies.

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