Section Completion Settings

Updated on December 12, 2022

Actions the flow editor can carry out at the end of each section.

How is this useful?

Questions can be configured individually instead of having a blanket setting for the entire workflow.  This allows more practical configurations in your form if you wish to have different actions per section.

How does it work?

flow editor end

Skip user input: At the end of a flow question, if the user has successfully answered the question based on the suggested answers, it will have no further actions. (To be deprecated soon)
Call API: This allows an agent / AI-generated assistant developer to set up API calls via the flow editor GUI. You can use this to send flow information to other services/servers.
Proceed to next question: This setting allows user to proceed to the next question after completing the question. At the end of the flow, this setting will lead user to the end-of-flow node.
Send an email escalation: An email will be escalated, regardless of office hour, once the workflow has been completed.
Send an email escalation (After office hours only): An email will be escalated, only out of office hour, once the workflow has been completed.
Auto resolve chat: Chat will be auto-resolved when the workflow has been completed. However, email will not be escalated.

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