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FAQs about KeyReply's Virtual Assistants

A bot, or chatbot, is an automated agent that sits on your website or social channels and answers customers' questions automatically. KeyReply bots use state-of-the-art technology that ensures your bot supports and engages your customers accurately and consistently, 24/7.

As businesses become more global and competitive, there is a higher expectation for round-the-clock responsiveness and better service for customers. Having a bot ensures that there is a way for customers to get instant responses at all times and get help with their sales questions or support issues.

The bot will be able to detect when it isn't confident about answering a question, when a user gets frustrated, or when there is a request to talk to a human. The bot will seamlessly hand over the conversation to a human colleague, whether through live chat or through an escalation to an existing helpdesk ticket.

KeyReply bots can integrate with multiple business applications, such helpdesk systems from Salesforce to Zendesk, or even internal applications through application programming interfaces (APIs) that can send and receive information to/from various applications based on the use case.

Depending on your use case, it typically takes anywhere between 6 to 10 weeks for a full-featured bot to be deployed. This time frame includes the initial scoping, development, testing, quality assurance, internal pilot and public launch. 

Generally, it comes down to understanding the objectives of the bot, developing it to specifications, and launching it on the right channel. Contact us for a comprehensive guide. Some parts of KeyReply's bot processes are also well-loved by our current customers for their fun elements! Join today and experience it first hand!

KeyReply built its own proprietary NLP/ML engine because it enables 3 major differences:

 1. An ability to tune and improve models and their performance granularly 

2. The function to cater to specific localization requirements. 

3. Greater data and security controls. By having our own engine, we can basically control how optimized it is and how well it works, as well as where the data is stored, and how it it being processed.

KeyReply works closely with you to continuously train and optimize your bot for success after it launches. We work through the analytics together, determine points where the flow can be improved, and increase the fidelity of the NLP/ML models constantly through retraining and upgrades.

The KeyReply management dashboard makes it a breeze to add new questions and training sets, edit your bot content, and check bot analytics all by yourself. Even creating a new NLP/ML model based on new Q&A sets can be done with just a click of a button!

Most definitely. KeyReply bots can support multiple regions and languages, including regional languages such as Chinese (Mandarin), Bahasa Melayu/Indonesia, Tagalog, Thai, Arabic, Vietnamese, and a host of other languages.

KeyReply bots are deployed using Microsoft Azure. We ensure security of bot data in transit with minimum 128-bit encryption (TLS), cover DDoS protection, and are compliant with standards such as ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC 1 and SOC 2, as well as country-specific standards like Australia IRAP, UK G-Cloud, and Singapore MTCS.

Yes, there is a migration path to a private cloud deployment depending on your required set up. We can discuss your private cloud needs and other security requirements as part of the scoping and development of the bot.

KeyReply has bot-specific measures to prevent spoofing and DDoS attacks, which are some of the common and more malicious ways to hack bots. We are also constantly updated with any new threats and safeguards are put in place to ensure the bot remains safe and secure from hackers

KeyReply has 3 major advantages: We have a track record of great bots, are enterprise friendly, and makes your bot super easy to maintain and manage. We are also really passionate about the future of artificial intelligence, so we tend to help our customers understand how to think about and apply AI to their own organizations.