First Steps with Adding Content Nodes

Updated on December 12, 2022

In this article, we will be going through how to add a content node for your virtual assistant.

How does it work?

Usually in a store, retail outlet, or clinic, when you first see your customers, you will always greet them.  Similarly, when using an AI-generated assistant, you will have a greeting or welcome message for your users.  The default greeting that will be displayed to your end-users is the ‘conversation_start’ content node, and you may edit it.

Content nodes are usually group into folders, and all the contents nodes in the same folder will be shown in a dropdown list.  Folders are defined by the first word of the content node ID before an underscore.  For example, to create a content node under the feedback folder, we will name the node ‘feedback_<new_node_name>’.

When naming your content nodes, separate each word with an underscore.

The content node naming convention follows the intent name.  For example, for the intent ‘ask_email’, the content node name will be ‘feedback_ask_email’, with ‘feedback’ being the folder name while ‘ask_email’ is the intent name.

Similarly, if you have an intent name that is ‘ask_name’, you can create a content node called ‘feedback_ask_name’.  When you view the ‘feedback’ folder in the content list, you will be able to view all the content nodes relating to feedback.


How do I begin adding content nodes?

  1. To begin the conversation flow, in the Content tab in Nodes, go to ‘conversation_start’.  You may also use the search bar to search and retrieve the content node you wish to edit.  ‘conversation_start’ is the default greeting that your bot will display to your end-users.
  2. To add a new content node, click ‘+’.
  3. Fill in the content name, and click on the tick to create the content node.
  4. You may proceed to edit the content node.
  5. Click on the tick to save the node.

Please view the video below on how to add the content nodes.

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