Text Variation

Updated on December 12, 2022

Adding different text response allows the virtual assistant to randomly pick a response to return to the end-user.

How is this useful?

Having different responses helps the bot to sound more lively.  This is commonly used for small talk modules like emotions to give a variation in answers.

Examples of text variation:

  • Would you mind asking that again with more detail?
  • Please tell me a bit more so I can help you better.
  • Say a few more words about what you’re looking for, so I can find something more useful for you.
text variation

How do I add text variation to my content node?

  1. After a content node is created, click on ‘+’, followed by ‘Text Variation’ to add a new text variation.
  2. Click on the text box to add or edit the response.
  3. To save, click on the tick icon below the text box.
  4. To add more text responses, click on the ‘+’ below the text box, and click on the tick icon below to save the text responses.
  5. Click on the tick on the header bar to save the node.

Validation Check: All text responses cannot be empty.

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