First Steps to Understanding User Analytics

Updated on January 20, 2022

In this article, we will learn more about the analytics available on the Dashboard.

How is this useful?

Analytics allows you to monitor the usage level of your bot and the number of daily users for selected time periods.  You may also evaluate the ratings of the bot at the end of the conversations.  By understanding how your users use the bot, and how they feel about the Bot, you can help to improve the Bot where necessary.

What do all the different numbers mean?

user analytics

Active users: users who have sent at least one message or initiated one interaction with the bot.

Total users: users who have clicked on the bot.

Messages: total number of messages the bot has received (only text messages are counted, button clicks are not included).

Escalated: users who have been escalated through the preferred method of escalation.  This could be live chat with an agent or through email escalation.

Call now: users who have made calls through the bot by clicking the ‘Call Now’ button.

Total events: total number of events (workflows, buttons/quick replies clicked, messages received).

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