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How KeyReply Virtual Assistant Help Deliver More ROI for Marketing Spend and Digital Assets?

Peiru Teo

Peiru Teo

The Challenge

A leader in public healthcare that serves millions of residents wanted to improve its Key Performance Indicator and increase patient satisfaction ratings. This healthcare institution planned for a Virtual Assistant (VA) to achieve cost savings and operational efficiency. The institution chose to work with KeyReply because of our sophisticated platform that can enable the healthcare institution to:

  • Bring all systems together, in the long run, to improve outcomes and facilitate coordinated care
  • Deliver a more targeted, personalized communication experience to increase patient engagement instead of a mass marketing strategy
  • Focus on long-lasting relationships instead of only providing healthcare during a health episode
  • Check current trends and predict patient needs that can help grow the business without requiring a replacement over many years
  • Be Omni channel ready and multi-lingual ready to connect with patients and share relevant content across various channels
  • Drive more potential leads and generate more revenue with healthy margins

KeyReply As A Solution

Instead of building numerous standalone intelligent automation platforms, KeyReply built a centralized knowledge base structured across different types of healthcare institutions. This helped the healthcare institution access information in a more manageable than earlier. Our platform also helped a few teams enable live chat for support services. As a result, since April 2021, the VA has handled countless general inquiries, ranging from types of clinical services to the payment of medical bills.

The platform provided by KeyReply was easy to use, scalable, and highly versatile. It also empowered healthcare institutions with control over the system to make continuous improvements to meet our users’ needs and expectations.

The Impact of KeyReply’s Virtual Assistant in Delivering More ROI

After the platform’s launch in 2021, there has been a steady growth in the platform’s usage. This platform has also served numerous users and received real-time data analysis on patients’ top reasons for contact.

The nature of the solution provided by the KeyReply platform involves nearly all divisions in the institution, so it brings across company-wide upskilling in a relatively equitable and balanced manner. By analyzing patient data, observing patterns, and creating ideal customer profiles, robust Artificial Intelligence (AI) helped find leads that fit the target persona.

Besides finding leads, intelligent automation helps locate the right target audiences for marketing campaigns. It also aided in segmenting them based on their similarities or differences. AI platform helped optimize ads and campaigns’ content in real-time to improve the response rate.

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