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Elevating Security Standards for Generative AI Chatbots

Christopher Rabin

Christopher Rabin

In the ever-evolving landscape of enterprise technology, virtual assistants have emerged as game-changers across healthcare, insurance, and government sectors.Yet, with this surge in innovation comes the pressing need for ironclad security measures. At KeyReply, we’ve gone above and beyond to fortify the security of our virtual assistants, particularly tailored to the stringent demands of these vital sectors.


Unveiling the Veil: Transparent and Accountable AI

In order to maintain the highest level of knowledgeable and ethical decision-making, opacity in AI is simply not an option. Our commitment to transparency manifests in several ways.

Source of Information

We provide a clear source of information, allowing organisations to trace the genesis of responses generated by our virtual assistants.

Structured Knowledge Base

Our meticulously curated knowledge base ensures that responses are firmly rooted in verified information.

Audit Trail

Our virtual assistants meticulously log every decision and action, creating an audit trail that ensures accountability through in-depth review and validation of accuracy. Audit trails facilitate pinpointing and rectifying errors, ensuring the system’s ongoing refinement and improved accuracy. By authenticating data’s unaltered nature and integrity, the virtual assistant’s responses can be trusted better.

In regulated sectors, audit trails verify adherence to legal and regulatory standards. The data from audit trails provides insights for enhancing the virtual assistant’s precision and reliability through continuous improvement.


Precision-Driven Accuracy: A Non-Negotiable Priority

It is paramount to provide a precise response. Inaccurate information can lead to costly errors and miscommunications. To address this concern, we have implemented a suite of strategies.

Structured Knowledge Base

We’ve assembled an exhaustive knowledge base, ensuring that responses are backed by accurate and verified information. This structured knowledge base ensures the precision and reliability of AI virtual assistants in critical sectors like healthcare, insurance, and government. Our structured knowledge base ensures the following:

  • Quality of Data: All information within the knowledge base is verified for accuracy. It’s sourced from reliable platforms for swift and accurate responses.
  • Organisation: The data is categorically arranged, facilitating quick retrieval. It aids in avoiding ambiguities and ensures the virtual assistant provides precise information tailored to specific inquiries.
  • Updates and Maintenance: Regular updates keep the information current, reducing the risk of outdated or incorrect data. The protocol for maintenance includes thorough testing to validate the accuracy and relevance of the information.
  • Customisation: The knowledge base can fit different industries’ specific needs and terminologies. It makes the responses accurate and contextually appropriate.

Prompt Engineering

A study published in MDPI indicates that optimising prompt engineering can address significant challenges in healthcare. So, we ensure our prompt refinement techniques enable us to elicit precise and contextually relevant responses. Each query is handled with a tailored response, achieved through algorithmic fine-tuning and linguistic enhancement and reviewed for clarity, specificity, and relevance.

Moreover, AI continuously adapts and learns with every interaction, resulting in enhanced user experiences that are both intuitive and insightful.

Simulations and Continuous Enhancement

Before launch, we conduct rigorous simulations to cluster responses. These simulations are complemented by ongoing enhancements driven by real-time user feedback and detailed reporting.

Every interaction is an opportunity for learning and refinement, so our virtual assistants are always at their best. Additionally, we employ an output checker that verifies response similarity and accuracy, ensuring consistent and reliable AI responses.


Guardian of Data Privacy: Safeguarding Sensitive Information

Most industries cannot avoid collecting and handling sensitive data, so data privacy is a sacred trust. We take a multi-faceted approach to data privacy, ensuring the highest levels of protection.

PII Module

A dedicated Personal Identifiable Information (PII) module anonymises and redacts sensitive data before transmission to external LLMs and storage in our database.

Access Control

We implement strict access controls to restrict access to sensitive data, ensuring only authorised personnel can view it.

Identity and Access Intelligence (IAI) Assurance Framework

Our IAI framework proactively manages identity and access, thwarting unauthorised entry and data breaches.


Vigilance Against Cyber and Fraud Threats

Guarding against cyber threats is a constant battle, especially in critical sectors. KeyReply employs a robust set of measures to protect against known threats.

Prompt Injection Prevention

Rigorous checks prevent prompt injection, guaranteeing that responses stem from legitimate prompts.

Volume Monitoring

We closely monitor data volume originating from individual clients to detect and counteract unusual or suspicious activities.

Anti-Virus Vigilance

Every knowledge base upload undergoes stringent anti-virus checks, ensuring no malicious code infiltrates our system.


Bias-Free Virtual Assistants: A Priority

In chatbots serving diverse user groups, bias is detrimental and potentially harmful. KeyReply recognises this challenge and is committed to ensuring that its AI-driven virtual assistants are just and impartial. To ensure fairness, KeyReply performs rigorous standard checks to detect underlying biases. Furthermore, we recognise the value of fostering a culture prioritising diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

Our internal DEI compliance training addresses this need. This training is a mandatory course and a key component in developing and refining our virtual assistants. Using these measures, we ensure that each user feels valued and treated fairly, eliminating the risk of biased or discriminatory responses.

The Quest for Excellence Never Ends

While the AI landscape continually evolves, presenting new challenges and opportunities, KeyReply remains unwavering in pursuit of excellence. We stay on top of industry trends and technological shifts by continuously monitoring AI advancements and security standards. It ensures our virtual assistants go beyond compliance, exemplifying industry excellence.

Keeping an eye on AI trends and investing in continuous learning and improvement, KeyReply ensures its partners and users the best patient engagement experience.

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