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How Can Patient Engagement Platform Improve Satisfaction and Generate Long-Term Savings?

Peiru Teo

Peiru Teo

  • Scheduling
  • Registration
  • Check-in
  • Appointment
  • Patient feedback
  • Billing
  • Patient recalls,
  • Patient education. 

Patient engagement platform is a fast-growing market in the healthcare sector. For instance, a report published by Grand View Research shows that the global patient engagement solutions market was $16.6 billion in 2021. Furthermore, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.4% from 2022-2030

Marketing professionals have a difficult job ahead as the various stakeholders within the healthcare profession have differing viewpoints on how patients should be engaged as the digital landscape changes, not to mention the strict data security and compliance irregularities that could become a liability concern. The problem is further exacerbated by the limited capability of outbound marketing campaigns.

Global and local medical compliance is complex, and sourcing solutions that meet their requirements is frustrating. This often leads to prolonged and drawn-out discussions on how to drive lead generation appropriately, with those unsure taking a more reactive approach, which is costly for the HCP. The reality remains that healthcare tends to move slower in adopting technologies, including software and tools, that lags behind commercial enterprise adoption in general.

Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms deployed to facilitate and support patient engagement can design approaches to capture key patient attributes in a way that does not compromise their privacy.

A Platform to Improve Patient Satisfaction

Adopting automated electronic healthcare forms can relieve the burden of healthcare personnel, which, in turn, will increase their focus on delivering stress-free and friendly care. Reducing wait times and allowing instant gratification and access to services and information helps the patient and their caregivers feel more informed and in control of their healthcare journeys. Offering relevant services will help drive positive experiences through micro engagements via convenient messaging channels. It also helps patients navigate healthcare services by making personalized help available via live support. This helps to increase the patient’s lifetime value, where the healthcare organization establishes itself as the trusted go-to provider for long-term recurring health needs.

A Platform to Generate Long-Term Savings

The better patient engagement, the better they adhere to the medical treatment, thereby achieving better health outcomes. Ultimately, this also helps increase the business of healthcare institutions.  For example, the Harvard Business Review notes that when a hospital rating increases to five points, the profit margin increases by 1%. This shows that both patient and hospital engagement is linked to increased hospital revenue. 

The integration of Conversational AI platforms to manage routine interactions – from answering queries regarding the location of the hospital, appointment booking, and doctor’s availability alone has been shown to cut costs by up to 30%. Conversational AI systems are projected to save $0.70 per customer interaction. These excluded cost savings of up to $5.50 per concluded conversation and reduced handle time by 10% for interactions managed by agents assisted by a virtual assistant. 

How does the KeyReply Conversational AI Platform help?

KeyReply works closely with the data and privacy teams to meet their requirements so healthcare professionals and marketers can focus on their core objective, which is to drive relevant, value-added content and offers to patients. 

As patients and caregivers begin to reach out to healthcare professionals proactively, marketing campaigns and strategies can now be more fluid and targeted. This paradigm shift is a breath of relief for both patients and marketing professionals. It enables patients to feel more in control of their health, while marketing can provide accurate and relevant micro data points for a more positive engagement. 

KeyReply’s digital patient engagement platform has become an essential toolkit for understanding patient expectations and needs. Analyzing user sentiments, behaviour, and stored chat data to recommend health packages and relevant medical information is a game changer. Marketing is a data-driven world, and the critical point here is relevance. This is truly beneficial to the patient and, more importantly, done through their preferred channel of engagement. KeyReply will help you scale savings and operational efficiencies across the entire organization regardless of which vendor or platform you choose.


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