Transforming patients’ digital experience, engagement and care through Conversational AI

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Why You Need to Try KeyReply

With increasing demand for health service, the healthcare industry must undergo transformation to empower external and internal-facing teams in meeting rising patient expectations.

KeyReply aims to prepare healthcare providers to be at the forefront of the sector’s future through AI. 

How KeyReply’s Conversational AIs transform the patient’s digital experience, engagement and care:

By pacing up the patient journey.

By providing transparency at each step

How KeyReply’s Conversational AIs transform how healthcare departments interact

By automating routine tasks to bring about operational excellence.

By multi folding the patient handling capacity to improve productivity

The KeyReply Difference


The platform can be integrated with your own knowledge-bases as it has the required domain knowledge of the healthcare industry.


Our chatbots can transfer language understanding capabilities to other low-resource Southeast Asian languages, allowing you to communicate with clients in multiple scenarios and in their own languages.

Dashboard for Centralised Data

You get an extra dashboard for consolidating and facilitating more efficient information data transfer between healthcare departments.

Patient Sentiment Detection

Mitigate negative patient experiences. Our chatbots can detect distressed patients so you can keep them in priority.

The Future of Healthcare: Transforming Patient Care With KeyReply

We understand the healthcare industry’s barriers to digital transformation. By enabling intelligent automation, KeyReply unites multiple stakeholders and knowledge bases to eliminate data overloading, boost operational efficiency and facilitate a seamless digital transfer of information that is key to better overall healthcare service.

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