About KeyReply

KeyReply helps healthcare organizations automate mundane tasks through purpose built conversational AI Virtual Assistants that automate customer support, streamline internal processes and accelerate digital transformation.

KeyReply’s AI platform is also accredited by IHiS, the technology agency for the public healthcare sector in Singapore.

How can KeyReply help you?

Conversational AI has substantially raised the service quality bar by automating mundane processes. 

Ease some of the burdens on your staff. 

Conversational AI can answer a huge range of health-related questions, giving specialists time to spend on the most pressing matters, thus ensuring their time is better spent in patient care. 

Trusted by Leading Healthcare Organizations

The platform is easy to use, scalable and is highly versatile. Throughout the implementation process, the experienced team from KeyReply shared best practices and useful tools to train our contact centre colleagues to manage the VCSAs independently without the need for a data scientist. This greatly helped to reduce the resource costs and empower the institutions with control over the system so that continuous improvements can be made to meet our users’ needs and expectations.

National Healthcare Group Polyclinics Tracy Gan, Deputy Director Of Operations

We are impressed with KeyReply's scalable platform that enabled us to implement customisations to meet our growing business needs. We enjoy working with the KeyReply team. They are very committed and great at problem solving. It is a win-win collaboration

Parkway Pantai Lim Kuo Ching, Digital Marketing

We wanted to plan for scalability for a company-wide, multi-domain chatbot to serve many different customers and stakeholders. At the same time, we also wanted our team to be trained in AI to be future-ready. We decided to work with KeyReply as their platform is very comprehensive and scalable. As we grew from 3 department’s content till close to 20 today, KeyReply displayed that they were able to work effectively with the various business users across the company. KeyReply is definitely a great growth partner for long term success.

AIA Chia Kim Geok, Policy Servicing