Scale Your Virtual Care with KeyReply’s Digital Patient Engagement Platform

Digitize patient outreach, optimize revenue cycle and deliver omni channel patient experience

Discover how KeyReply’s digital patient experience platform helps to automate patient experience with common healthcare workflows out-of-the-box:

  • Personalize care journeys to transform fragmented, manual processes into connected, personalized digital care experiences 

  • Improve access and communication at every step of the healthcare journey. 

  • Automate any clinical or administrative workflow with a powerful engine that unifies AI, human communication and no-code configurability

keyreply is recognized as gartner cool vendor 2021 in “conversational and nlt widen use cases, domain knowledge and dialect support”

KeyReply is recognized as Gartner Cool Vendor 2021 in

“Conversational and NLT Widen Use Cases, Domain Knowledge and Dialect Support"

Digital Patient Engagement through Automated Healthcare Pathways

Automate healthcare workflow, reduce care costs and improve outcomes while modernizing patient experiences

All great care starts with modernized patient experience

Automating patient access gives patients and providers accurate record information while connecting patients with the quality care they deserve with KeyReply’s patient engagement tools

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KeyReply’s conversational AI platform for healthcare helps in orchestrating and automating the patient journey in real-time, connecting patients and care teams with meaningful action plans. Replace outbound calls for appointment reminders, payment collection, and other manual workflows with automated engagement.

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Automated reminders reduce no-shows, backfills cancellations, and maximizes referral conversions, all with zero staff effort. Submit and status authorizations to payers to speed up approvals, increase staff efficiency, and minimize write-offs.

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KeyReply’s virtual assistant can be deployed across the organization to track, engage with and facilitate the best patient experience with measurable data and ROI. Our Virtual Assistants unearth patient interests and make data-driven recommendations based on patient lifestyle and treatment to deliver truly personalized experiences.

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Send automated outreaches via text and email that prompt patients with care gaps to schedule appointments or procedures Care teams can now communicate securely across the entire patient journey in a secured HIPAA-compliant environment

The platform is easy to use, scalable and is highly versatile. Throughout the implementation process, the experienced team from KeyReply shared best practices and useful tools to train our contact centre colleagues to manage the VCSAs independently without the need for a data scientist. This greatly helped to reduce the resource costs and empower the institutions with control over the system so that continuous improvements can be made to meet our users’ needs and expectations.

National Healthcare Group Polyclinics Tracy Gan, Deputy Director Of Operations

We are impressed with KeyReply's scalable platform that enabled us to implement customisations to meet our growing business needs. We enjoy working with the KeyReply team. They are very committed and great at problem solving. It is a win-win collaboration

Parkway Pantai Lim Kuo Ching, Digital Marketing

We wanted to plan for scalability for a company-wide, multi-domain chatbot to serve many different customers and stakeholders. At the same time, we also wanted our team to be trained in AI to be future-ready. We decided to work with KeyReply as their platform is very comprehensive and scalable. As we grew from 3 department’s content till close to 20 today, KeyReply displayed that they were able to work effectively with the various business users across the company. KeyReply is definitely a great growth partner for long term success.

AIA Chia Kim Geok, Policy Servicing
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Increase in Patient Satisfaction

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Higher Patient Outreach

Patient Engagement Management Solution for Your Digital Front Door & Patient Experience Needs

Delight patients with a unified experience and help them navigate their healthcare journey with ease, while improving your business outcomes with KeyReply’s AI enabled total patient engagement platform.


Omni Channel Communication

An AI enabled intelligent omni-channel patient engagement solution powers contextually relevant and natural interactions across digital channels to boost patient satisfaction, foster better engagement, and achieve better outcomes. Collect omnichannel patient feedback across care journey with KeyReply’s AI enabled healthcare engagement solution.


Virtual Check-in

Minimize time spent in waiting rooms with virtual check-in. With the COVID-19 pandemic, limiting unnecessary face-to-face interaction is still important for the safety of your staff and patients. Automate your online patient appointment bookings with KeyReply’s patient experience management software and patient communication software


Appointment Reminders

Automatically send customized reminders to patients ahead of appointments with an omnichannel patient communication platform. Enjoy the ease of interactive reminders that automatically update your EHR when patients confirm or cancel appointments.


Call Center Automation

Reduce phone volumes and maximize patient outcomes and workflows through automated, actionable conversations via text, email, chat, and virtual visits across the healthcare patient engagement journey. KeyReply’s patient centered communication tools allow to monitor your patients’ digital health, automate patient appointment bookings and also measure patient experience across the care continuum.


Patient Feedback Software

Easy access to data on utilization and capacity helps identify best practices and areas for improvement. Automated post-visit outreach triages patient feedback and calculates patient satisfaction in real time. KeyReply’s patient engagement chatbots act as your healthcare digital front door system to boost patient satisfaction.


Automated Campaigns

Quickly and conveniently broadcast messages to patients  tailored to their health and conditions using KeyReply’s patient communication platform. Improve health outcomes and maximize revenue with HIPAA-compliant campaigns. KeyReply’s AI driven total patient engagement software brings the best of healthcare AI and clinical workflow automation to deliver an optimum patient experience without your staff burn out.