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Digital Transformation Through Intelligent Automation in Healthcare Industry

KeyReply’s conversational AI and chatbot solutions enable healthcare providers to bring intelligent automation to patient handling and support, streamline internal processes and accelerate digital transformation. We help enterprises within the healthcare ecosystem to deploy conversational AI solutions to seamlessly connect stakeholders to company-wide knowledge bases.

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  • How Conversational AI Accelerates Healthcare’s Digital Transformation
  • Scalable Conversational AI Strategy for Healthcare Institutions

Digital Transformation in Healthcare

The healthcare industry’s digital transformation has the potential to radically improve the ability of healthcare providers to help patients live longer, healthier lives. However, digital transformation in healthcare remains complex due to the following challenges:

Data Processing and Reconciliation

With the sheer amount of data hospitals and healthcare facilities collect, managing, processing and synchronising data across the departments are a massive challenge.

Connected Digital User Experience

Despite efforts to deliver digital-ready services to patients, many healthcare facilities still lack the sophistication to provide a seamless digital transition between patient touchpoints, with some areas remaining dependent on manual entry.

Technological Infrastructure to Manage Integration and Information Transfer

Patients and their families need quick access to relevant information. Conversational AIs have to be designed as a comprehensive repository of hospital information to provide customers the information they require at a moment’s notice.

Why KeyReply for Healthcare

Data Analytics

With our data processing you can measure and display impactful KPIs and customized metrics. Utilizing your data enables you to quantify the ROI so you can feel confident in your decision to implement an AI powered virtual assistant.

Full-Featured Management

The KeyReply management dashboard makes it easy to train and deploy new FAQs quickly. We make sure your team gets the most out of your AI integration and are able to effectively manage your KeyReply virtual assistant and live chat solution.

Proprietary AI Engine

KeyReply’s proprietary AI bot platform is fine tuned to focus on the unique abilities of an AI chatbot. Beyond customised linguistic capabilities, you also get security controls on your chatbot’s data, enabling migration and deployment to your private cloud.

The Future of Healthcare: Transforming Patient Care With KeyReply

We understand the healthcare industry’s barriers to digital transformation. By enabling intelligent automation, KeyReply unites multiple stakeholders and knowledge bases to eliminate data overloading, boost operational efficiency and facilitate a seamless digital transfer of information that is key to better overall healthcare service.

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Gain Convenient Access to Patient Data and Reporting

Smart search to find relevant information within large volumes of documents in shared folders, access rosters and fast routine reporting (e.g. daily temperature records).

Build Patient Loyalty & Trust With Analytics-Powered Secure Communications

24/7 Telemedicine on demand. Scale up real time patient monitoring and communications from common channels like WhatsApp, web chat and in app chat. Activate secure communications with patients and have the information linked to the EMR with advanced data analytics.

Boost Doctors’ Efficiency by Aiding Clinical Decision Support and Policy Assessment

Help clinicians increase their efficiency through decision support and in keeping up with the latest medical protocols and updates in medical databases. Clinicians can also build their intellectual property with tech compatible records of their clinical work.