Chatbots for the Insurance Industry

The rapid pace of digital innovation and changing customer expectations is pushing the traditionally slow insurance industry to adopt new technologies.

A 2019 Deloitte’s survey of more than 400 financial services and insurance executives found that 81% percent of them were planning to increase spending on AI capabilities that year. Among them, 82% percent also reported positive ROI from AI efforts.

Chatbots and conversational AI have the potential to revolutionize the industry by automating a number of processes from query responses to claims handling and processing as well as product education.

How We Can Help Transform Insurance

Call Centre Chatbots

Boost your call centre efficiency and productivity by automating their most repetitive queries and helping them scale their customer support.

Chatbots for Insurance Agents

Provide product education and knowledge sharing for insurance agents by enabling them to find critical information on the go at their fingertips using chatbots.

Chatbots for Self-service

Give your policyholders the option of exploring simpler products, comparing terms and prices before making the purchase using a self-service chatbot.

Improving Customer Experience

Provide quality service to your customers wherever they are and whichever channels they use by unifying communications via chatbots and thereby bringing down the total cost of servicing.

Empowering Insurance Agents

Take the repetitive queries, transactions and the most monotonous support tasks off your insurance agents to help them focus on providing product education, building and owning the customer relationships.

Customer Support Chatbots

Help your support teams focus on more value-adding and revenue-generating tasks with customer support chatbots that automate repetitive queries and first-level support 24/7.

Why KeyReply is the Best Insurance Chatbot Developer

Experienced in Insurance Chatbot Deployment

Our experience in deploying insurance chabots give us an edge in understanding industry specific challenges relating to collection of data, connection of legacy systems and unification of disparate distribution channels.

Proprietary AI Engine

Our proprietary AI bot platform is fine tuned to provide you with customized linguistic capabilities, and security controls on your chatbot’s data, enabling migration and deployment to your private cloud.

Trained Industry Knowledge Bases

Our pre-trained industry knowledge bases when combined with your company data, chat logs and product info let the bot decode insurance product complexity, keep up with changing definitions and speak in the language of the insurance industry.