Starting and Leaving a Live Chat

Updated on January 20, 2022

This section addresses how an agent can begin the live chat conversation, and how the agent can leave the chat before it is resolved.

Steps to start a chat:

  1. Click on a chat ID to open up the chat.
  2. Click Start Conversation to begin the live chat session.
  3. The user will receive a message “[Agent Name] has joined the chat” when successful*.

Instead of selecting chats to open in the queue, the “Next Chat” button will assign agent the earliest unattended chat from the “All Other Chats” channel to his/her own On-Going Chats channel.

Steps to leave a chat:

  1. If the chat is not quite resolved but the agent wants to exit the conversation perhaps pending further information, the agent can click the X Leave Chat button.
  2. The user will receive a message “[Agent Name] has left the chat”.
  3. The chat will then be classified under the All Other Chats channel, freeing up the agent to go onto the next live chat and assist the next user.


The chat can only be monitored and seen by the agent who joined the chat.

Agents will not be able to see chats that are handled by other agents, unless they invite the agent in.

For example, agent Jia Peng is attending to the visitor #7b498a58 chat. Another agent will not be seeing this chat until Jia Peng invite the agent in. 

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