Search Chats by Keywords or Time Period

Updated on January 20, 2022

For when agents would like to search and refer to past chats but can only recall the keywords of a message, or the time period of the conversation.

Steps to search chats by keywords:

  1. Enter your keyword or phrase in the “Input search term” search box located at the top of the dashboard.
  2. Hit “Enter” on your keyboard to activate the search.

Steps to search chats by time period:

Only the 20 most recent chats in a day will appear in the Monitor tab by default, but the number of chats displayed can actually be increased!

  1. Click the x button in the date range field located at the top of the dashboard
  2. Select a new Start Date and End Date via the calendar pop-out menu.
  3. Once done, click Search to activate the search.
  4. Chats within the date range you entered will appear in the dashboard.
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