First Steps with Queued Chats

Updated on January 20, 2022

Due to the availability of agents, users have to join a queue and wait to be attended to. This forms the Queued Chats channel in the Live Chat dashboard.

How is this useful?

Separating queued chats from on-going chats allows agents to handle multiple chats at a time.

How does this work?

  1. In the Queue tab of the dashboard, the queue of users waiting to be attended to is shown in the left column.
  2. A desktop notification as well as notification badge will appear when a user joins the live chat queue to alert all agents.
  3. Queued chats are classified two ways:

On-Going Chats – Chats that the agent has joined and is attending to

All Other Chats (Queued chats) – Chats that are waiting for an agent to start conversation (inactive).

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