Updated on January 20, 2022

Buttons allows you to trigger different actions such as going to another content node or capturing data, open a website link, or initiating phone calls.

How is this useful?

Buttons makes it more interactive and engaging for users. It is good to use call-to-action words for the buttons, for example, ‘Call Us’, and ‘Visit our Website’.  Buttons will remain even after a user has clicked them. 

Note: Buttons are not available for GIF/Image content nodes.

How do I add a Button?

  1. At a content node, click on ‘+ Add Button’ to add a new button. There is a maximum of 3 buttons for each content node. 
  2. Click on Button, and fill in the button name in the text box. 
  3. Configure the button options. 

    For full details on button options, refer to Option for Buttons
  4. Click on the tick on the header bar to save the content node.

Validation Check:

  • Text cannot be empty
  • Button action and its respective data has to be provided:
    • Capture: key, value, and next content node to be indicated
      • Next: has to be a existing content node ID or custom event ID
    •  goto: ‘data’ has to be an existing content node ID or custom event ID
    • startflow: flow id has to be indicated
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