Parkway Hospitals automate health queries using the PAM Virtual Assistant

Parkway Hospitals

Parkway Hospitals, Singapore, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Parkway Pantai Limited, one of the leading providers of private healthcare services in Asia. 

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The Challenges

Being one of the leading healthcare providers in the region, it is important to be nimble to adapt to patients’ needs, yet at the same time navigate the challenging landscape given the pandemic. Business needs, medical services and protocols change rapidly, and it is important to streamline communications to ensure consistency and a high level of service.

When Covid-19 happened, overseas patients were unable to come for treatments and the number of elective procedures dropped as patients opted to postpone them. 

The changing requirements for visitation policies and visitor registrations caused confusions and increased manpower needed to manage the crowds. 

"PAM can access trustworthy healthcare, medical tips and articles by searching according to their symptoms or conditions. PAM will then facilitate the appointment booking process, provide a convenient handover to a live chat agent in the contact centre.”

The Solution

Parkway Hospitals teamed up with KeyReply to develop the PAM (Parkway Assistance Manager) virtual assistant. PAM can answer patients’ health-related queries, ranging from booking health screenings and doctor appointments to subscribing to health tips and articles. 

PAM (The AI virtual assistant) and an integrated live chat service were deployed across the websites, Facebook pages and WhatsApp numbers of Mount Elizabeth Orchard, Mount Elizabeth Novena, Gleneagles, and Parkway East Hospitals.   

Pam answers general enquiries regarding admissions, services, room rates, contact hours and many other details. More than that, she also directs customers to the right forms to make appointments for health screenings and specialists visits. Pam is there to make everyone’s life easier. 

We are impressed with KeyReply's scalable platform that enabled us to implement customisations to meet our growing business needs. We enjoy working with the KeyReply team. They are very committed and great at problem solving. It is a win-win collaboration

Parkway Pantai Lim Kuo Ching, Digital Marketing

PAM also detects when a user is in distress, experiencing discomfort or confusion and will hand the user over to a human colleague who can take over and help them better. 

While it had a centralized knowledge base set up, it was to serve hospital specific information to each of the four hospitals’ patients. This enabled rapid scale up across the hospitals across many channels with just one deployment. 

The key goals of PAM are to help guide the users to be able to find more information about the doctors, services and health screening packages. The platform was also used to set up the visitor registration system via WhatsApp at the hospitals, which also allows for quick contact tracing purposes 

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Key Impact

PAM was able to surpass the business targets set by the company. During periods of change, the Parkway team could leverage on KeyReply’s low code platform to flexibly amend the visitation forms even on a daily basis.

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