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The Impact of Patient Engagement Platform on Engaging Prospects

Peiru Teo

Peiru Teo

Medical information dissemination

Using patient engagement platforms for online patient education helps to improve understanding and communication between the patients and clinicians by focusing on health literacy. Programs such as webinars, interactive learning courses, visual presentations, and downloadable materials help disseminate medical information amongst patients.

Using omnichannel patient education platforms can be advantageous to patients and healthcare professionals in ways like: 

  • Healthcare institutions can create comprehensive educational models that are consistently presented to the patients 
  • Patients do not require advanced knowledge of computers to obtain informative healthcare data 

Online patient education modules are gaining popularity as the online healthcare system advances. The trend of online patient communication using patient engagement platforms will likely continue post-pandemic. The global market for online patient education was $83.6 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $125.2 billion by 2025. Telehealth not only makes it cheaper for the clinician to provide patient education but also allows the patients to cut healthcare costs. 

Responses to repetitive queries

Patient engagement platforms come with automated systems that take care of the non-skilled and repetitive tasks so that healthcare professionals can focus on complex or higher-level tasks. Healthcare institutions can automate numerous processes such as:  

  • Eligibility checks   
  • Data migrations   
  • Non-judicial claims  

Integrating a patient engagement platform into the healthcare institution’s software can help eliminate the need for expensive downtimes or integrations. 

Booking of appointments and healthcare packages

Manual booking is more challenging as your staff must follow various rules before matching the patient with the right medical professional. An automated system helps schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments. This system is much simpler and faster than traditional methods of appointment booking. Appointment booking software can also help send follow-up appointment reminders to your patients to make their appointments on time.

Outcomes of Patient Engagement Platforms:

Increasing revenue

The ease of deploying the conversational AI across various channels that patients can be engaged with allows hospitals to implement strategic outbound campaigns for marketing and revenue generation purposes through the contact centre agents and conversational AI. Being able to right site patients and offer relevant services will help drive positive experiences through micro engagements via convenient messaging channels. It will also help patients better navigate the healthcare services by making personalized help available via live support. This helps to increase the patient’s lifetime value, where the healthcare organization establishes itself as the trusted go-to provider for long-term recurring health needs.

KeyReply – A Total Patient Engagement Platform For Seamless Healthcare Delivery Process

If you want to know more about healthcare digitization and automation or are ready for such a cultural shift, KeyReply is an excellent platform. We are an industry-defining patient engagement platform that transforms healthcare delivery processes into seamlessly orchestrated, 24/7 accessible care centred on each patient’s needs. Through greater automation of the first line of intervention tasks, such as realizing patient symptoms to supporting triaging, right-siting, and billing support, KeyReply’s Conversational AI platform is fully capable of ensuring a consistent patient experience throughout their journey with the Healthcare Provider.

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KeyReply is a unifying platform that utilizes AI and an orchestrator to interpret and extract key information across multiple stakeholders, knowledge bases, and divisions, with many segmented teams providing patient and clinician-facing support. This leads to improving patient experiences, maximizing outcomes, and reducing care costs.

KeyReply is recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor 2021 in “Conversational and NLT Widen Use Cases, Domain Knowledge and Dialect Support”. We are also accredited by IHiS, Singapore’s technology agency for the public healthcare sector.

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