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Intelligent Automation – Bringing Clinicians Towards Seamless Healthcare Delivery Process

Peiru Teo

Peiru Teo

Case Study 1

The Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic increased the demand for digital healthcare services that can help with seamless healthcare delivery processes. Also, the number of elective procedures dropped because of the inability of the overseas patient to visit the healthcare institution, resulting in postponement.

seamless healthcare delivery

To be amongst the leading healthcare providers in a particular region requires adapting to patients’ demands and navigating the challenging landscape of the pandemic. With a constant change in medical services, protocols, and business needs, it is also vital to streamline communications to ensure a high level of service and consistency.

KeyReply as a Solution Towards Seamless Healthcare Delivery Process

To address this solution, a brand teamed up with KeyReply to develop a platform that can answer patient-related queries such as booking appointments. In addition, KeyReply provided the company with live chat services across several platforms.

KeyReply’s AI platform helped the brands to address general patient inquiries related to contact hours, room rates, services, admissions, etc. In addition, this platform directed patients to the correct forms for booking appointments for specialist visits and healthcare screenings.

The fundamental goal of this platform is to guide the users with information relating to healthcare professionals and services and health screening packages offered by healthcare institutions. The platform is also a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, which helps them set up the visitor registration system via WhatsApp at the hospitals. In addition, this platform allows for quick contact tracing purposes.

"We are impressed with KeyReply’s scalable platform that enabled us to implement customizations to meet our growing business needs. We enjoy working with the KeyReply team. They are very committed and great at problem-solving. It is a win-win collaboration for both parties."

Case Study 2

The Challenge Towards Seamless Healthcare Delivery Process

A leader in public healthcare that serves millions of residents wanted to improve its Key Performance Indicator and increase patient satisfaction ratings. This healthcare institution planned for a Virtual Customer Associate Assistant (VCSA) to achieve cost savings and operational efficiency. The institution chose to work with KeyReply because of our sophisticated platform that can allow the healthcare institution to:

  • Bring all their stakeholders and systems together in the long run as an orchestrator. This platform would help clinicians connect with patients, data, multiple systems, and workflows to improve outcomes and facilitate coordinated care.
  • Easily allow care teams to launch batch programs that can address the aging population’s needs, such as remote monitoring programs, and scale awareness and education in the most personalized and efficient way.
  • Allow effective self-administration. A code-free technology enables non-AI experts to test and implement their ideas without requiring AI experts.

Solutions Provided By KeyReply

Instead of building numerous standalone intelligent automation platforms, KeyReply built a centralized knowledge base structured across different types of healthcare institutions. This platform helped healthcare institution access information better than before. Our platform also helped a few teams enable live chat for support services. As a result, since April 2021, the VCSA has handled countless general inquiries, ranging from types of clinical services to the payment of medical bills.

"KeyReply’s patient engagement platform leveraged in a centralized knowledge base while being able to personalize responses to each patient group and meet the needs of each institution."

The platform provided by KeyReply was easy to use, scalable, and highly versatile. Additionally, KeyReply’s team shared valuable tools and best practices to train the contact center team of the healthcare institution. This guide helped the team handle the platform independently without needing a data scientist. As an added advantage, this practice also helped to reduce resource costs. It also empowered healthcare institutions with control over the system to continually improve to meet our users’ needs and expectations. The nature of the solution provided by the KeyReply platform involves nearly all divisions in the institution, so it brings across companywide upskilling in a relatively equitable and balanced manner.

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