Connecting Patients & Clinicians through an AI-Powered Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant for patient care, appointment scheduling & PROMs

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The Essential Unifying System

Centralize and streamline all operations on one integrative Orchestrator Platform

Next-Generation Solutions:

Generative AI-Powered Virtual Assistants

Empower your patients with conversational queries and receive precise, secure, human-like responses

Executes multi-step tasks without hand mapping or pre-programming.

Extracts key points from large data sets with no effort needed and stores it on a Memory Notebook. You can now access and make changes to the LLM’s memory for higher accuracy.

Our AI analyses conversation sentiments, providing a nuanced summary of patient concerns and expectations. It also automatically tags topics being discussed with the patient. This lessens the burden of your team to sift through and understand escalated conversations.


KeyReply’s Generative AI architecture implements guardrails for one of your patient’s conversations


Transparency & accuracy for a better patient experience

KeyReply’s LLM Model illustrates what it learns in a Memory Notebook for transparency. This enables your administrators to identify it’s core memory, and edit what the AI model has learnt if needed.

Our Personally Identifiable Information (PII) module anonymizes and redacts your patient’s data before interacting with any external system. We access control mechanisms, identity and access frameworks to help ensure data privacy is maximized.


Data privacy exposure, cyber & fraud risks for more secure conversations

To maximize accuracy, KeyReply models are put through rigorous pre-launch testing. Clusters of questions, responses, feedback, and reporting are tested based on simulating your consumer’s personas.

Vigilant checking for prompt injections and inappropriate inputs & outputs. All documents uploaded to our knowledge base are checked by anti-virus programs.

Key Features

Attract, guide & retain your patients effortlessly through your healthcare ecosystem

Human-like Interactions​

Leveraging Generative AI securely to deliver empathetic conversations to your patient’s queries

Speaking Your Patient's Language​

Supporting over 60+ languages and dialects through platforms your patients already use like Whatsapp and Line

Low to No-Code Platform Integration

Readily available ontologies and workflows, integration time is shortened

Interactive Workflow Automation 24/7

Automating tasks like appointment scheduling, reminder & billing to enable staff to focus on what matters – patients care


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