Total Patient Engagement Platform For Your Digital Front Door

KeyReply’s platform is an industry defining patient engagement orchestrator, designed to be a patient’s personal guide in their healthcare journey. 

KeyReply is recognized as Gartner Cool Vendor 2021 in “Conversational and NLT Widen Use Cases, Domain Knowledge and Dialect Support"

How Can KeyReply Help You?

Boost Engagement

Patients who use KeyReply's conversational agent have a better experience, are more engaged and have an increased brand preference for their healthcare institution.

Reduce Costs

No longer do you have to choose between scaling operations and cutting costs. Our clients see 17% reduction in cost while growing capacity.

Future Proof

To future proof your investments, a patient engagement orchestrator needs to be at the centre of your digital transformation initiatives. KeyReply is leading the industry in this area.

Don't Get locked To One Vendor

What happens if the conversational AI company you are working with refuses to add a certain workflow or functionality? What if their investors stop subsidizing their salaries and their prices skyrocket? Worse, what if their investors stop supporting them and they need to shut shop?

While software vendors come and go, your organization is here to stay. Make sure that the strategic decisions you make today, remain valid 5-10 years from now as well. That is why you need to have an orchestrator first approach to your patient engagement strategy.

As the industry leader in this space, KeyReply has built a standards-based approach to orchestrating conversations and business workflows. Whether KeyReply is here or not, you can be assured that your investment in the orchestrator is one that will last the ages.

Trusted By Leading Healthcare Organizations

The platform is easy to use, scalable and is highly versatile. Throughout the implementation process, the experienced team from KeyReply shared best practices and useful tools to train our contact centre colleagues to manage the VCSAs independently without the need for a data scientist. This greatly helped to reduce the resource costs and empower the institutions with control over the system so that continuous improvements can be made to meet our users’ needs and expectations.

National Healthcare Group Polyclinics Tracy Gan, Deputy Director Of Operations

We are impressed with KeyReply's scalable platform that enabled us to implement customisations to meet our growing business needs. We enjoy working with the KeyReply team. They are very committed and great at problem solving. It is a win-win collaboration

Parkway Pantai Lim Kuo Ching, Digital Marketing

We wanted to plan for scalability for a company-wide, multi-domain virtual assistant to serve many different customers and stakeholders. At the same time, we also wanted our team to be trained in AI to be future-ready. We decided to work with KeyReply as their platform is very comprehensive and scalable. As we grew from 3 department’s content till close to 20 today, KeyReply displayed that they were able to work effectively with the various business users across the company. KeyReply is definitely a great growth partner for long term success.

AIA Chia Kim Geok, Policy Servicing

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We support both ASEAN and international languages spoken both formally and informally. The largest international cryptocurrency exchange and the largest regional healthcare provider in South East Asia are some of our customers that leverage our VAs to engage with customers across the globe.

    We pride ourselves on being a vendor-neutral platform. We integrate with and support a variety of different NLP engines, systems and applications. This enables you to utilise KeyReply as a master orchestrator across the entire organization to coordinate and promote interoperability between different solutions and departments.

    Conversational AI technology is evolving and is doing so at an accelerating pace. KeyReply is in the process of enabling Voice Modality, and we are also currently working with a large healthcare provider to introduce holographic customer care kiosks.

    Our experience in working with large healthcare clusters that serve millions of people in public and private healthcare. We have accumulated a wealth of experience and datasets that enable your organization to hit the ground running in deploying and leveraging Conversational AI.

    Our platform was specifically developed with the general business user in mind. Most AI Platforms require complex AI programming and data scientists.

    As a vendor-neutral platform, we integrate with and support almost all systems, applications, and knowledge bases to automate and transform the healthcare provider into a single cohesive unit that delivers optimal care without compromising on the patient's experience.

    Due to a high surge in queries, customer service agents are limited to dealing with mundane tasks that are repetitive and limited in tracking a patient's journey. As a result, it reduces the overall quality of the staff and patient engagement.

    KeyReply’s AI platform is also accredited by IHiS, the technology agency for the public healthcare sector in Singapore.

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