Product Manager

To develop, sell and support a successful AI software product a business needs to solve a market problem, understand its market, identify the opportunity as well as develop and market an appropriate piece of software.

As a product manager, you are part of the core business function, and will have the opportunity to help chart our product roadmap and AI strategy. To succeed in this role, you must have a strong understanding of AI software applications and the healthcare domain.

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Roles & Responsibilities

  • Understand the market, identify the opportunity as well as develop and market appropriate features.
  • Partner with stakeholders to deploy, launch, and successfully scale enterprise solutions into large clients.
  • Brainstorm, rank, and prioritize solutions for different customer needs.
  • Corral and organize experts from business lines, data scientists, and engineers to create shared goals and specs for AI products.
  • Identify new data sources, perform gap analysis on existing data.
  • Develop and manage training, validation, and test data sets.
  • Chart AI product roadmaps and timelines.
  • Understand user experience research, new product launch, process control, and automation


Skills & Experience required

  • Bachelor’s Degree in computer science or equivalent
  • At least 4 years working experience and 2 years working experience as a product manager on B2B or enterprise.
  • Possess a strong understanding of software and proven expert in the similar business domain.
  • Bring people along and collaborates with cross-functional teams to build a product that fulfils a product vision and turns it into business success.
  • High interest in Artificial Intelligence, working closely with CTO to understand how technology evolution can drive huge improvements in products. 
  • Good critical and strategic thinking skills and highly intellectual.
  • Pragmatic, willing to deal with complexity, deal with customers’ requests.
  • A systems thinker, able to translate insights to tangible products. 
  • Experience working in fast-paced, dynamic environments (such as a startup) is a bonus.