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5 Reasons a Bot is Perfect for Your Business Today

Arvin Singh

Arvin Singh

The why, when, and how of implementing a bot for your business for maximum ROI

You may have heard of it everywhere in the news, on blogs, from friends’ posts, on social channels, and so on. Maybe you have considered it for your business. Perhaps you’ve even started looking for someone who can help you make it.

What is it? A bot, of course; the new media sensation that promises to help you increase your customer engagement, support efficacy, commerce results, and even give you news and weather on demand. Big claims, on a new channel.

That said, how do you know if a bot is really right for your business? When does it make sense to implement one for it to be really useful? And how do you start going about it?

Why should you have a bot?

Some people today may be looking at owning a bot for their business simply because it’s cool or on-trend. However, the basic premise of having a bot is that you have a business process that you want to improve or augment. (It is a business after all, and requires you to get some tangible returns on what you spend on.)

For example, you may be selling products or services online that you could better serve customers with faster sales qualifications, better customer support for common questions, or to provide news and offers in a timely fashion. These are all good reasons for having a bot, as these are directly tied to your bottomline.

Even seemingly custom jobs like consulting have processes — Think about the onboarding questions that consultants have to better qualify and understand the needs of customers, or the standard requirements that custom-made product makers collect from customers before they’re able to start working on the job.

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